Weightlifting straps 1.1


Short leather competition straps for fast setup and release of the barbell (17" x 1.5").
Old school lifters love them because they don't cut into the skin like fabric and they mold perfectly to your wrists.

--------- FEATURES --------

One pair of straps including a little piece of beeswax on the side. 
Chemical-free handmade product from Canada. 

--------- CRAFTING ---------

Our straps are traditionally hand-stitched in the same "squared pattern" as rock climbing harnesses to ensure ruggedness (unless you're a polar bear you won't be able to rip the seam apart).

Organic double-filtered beeswax coating on all sides.

The Wickett & Craig "English" Bridle Leather is among the highest end equestrian leathers in the world.
No chemicals (glues, adhesives, dyes, paints) have been used in the crafting process.

--------- LUXURIOUS ---------

The materials and crafting techniques are of the finest quality.
Our stuff is absolutely not comparable to mass produced - disposable - products found in retail stores at the strip mall!
We're focused on the long-term and offer products that will stand the test of time.