Blunt case XL

The Blunt carrier is a rigid case to safely carry two joints in your pocket or day bag. It's a bridge between traditional, heirloom leathercraft and the new cannabis culture. I wanted to offer a product that carries a certain maturity, a professional elegance if you wish.

--------- FEATURES ---------

Can sustain at least 44 lbs of direct pressure
The lid fits tightly around the case (and forever will)
The tubes are 7.8 cm long (fits any regular size rolling paper)
Unique on the market

--------- CRAFTING ---------

The Wickett & Craig "English" Bridle Leather is among the highest end equestrian leathers in the world.
No chemicals (glues, adhesives, dyes, paints) have been used in the crafting process.

--------- LUXURIOUS ---------

The materials and crafting techniques are of the finest quality.
Our stuff is absolutely not comparable to mass produced - disposable - products found in retail stores at the strip mall!
We're focused on the long-term and offer products that will stand the test of time.