Baby moccasins


Babies shouldn't be dressed with heavy, rigid and constraining shoes. Supple leather moccasins won't block blood circulation to the feet. It allows the toes to move freely and it's as light as wearing socks. Guaranteed to steal the show at the baby shower.

--------- SIZING ---------

Very simple. Grab the baby's fat little foot.
Measure from heel to tip of big toe.
Voilà (in doubt go one size up).

3 to 6 months - 4.25” length of finished sole
6 to 9 months - 4.50” length of finished sole
9 to 12 months - 4.75” length of finished sole
12 to 18 months - 5.0” length of finished sole

--------- CRAFTING ---------

Made by hand with superior supple leathers that are also used to craft bespoke leather gloves.
No chemicals (glues, adhesives, dyes, paints) have been used in the crafting process.

--------- LUXURIOUS ---------

The materials and crafting techniques are of the finest quality.
Our stuff is absolutely not comparable to mass produced - disposable - products found in retail stores at the strip mall!
We're focused on the long-term and offer products that will stand the test of time.