The tool box

Our products are made exclusively with human hands and traditional tools.

No chemical adhesives or glues are used in the process.

The compass. Otherwise them lines won't be straight

Edger. The difference between amateurs from professionals

Canvas. Must-have. Like sandpaper for wood workers

Vintage saddle creaser. Brings everything from 2nd to 1st class

Steel ruler. Also for self-defense

Awl. No ink on hides

Mallet. Heavy yet soft hits on steel punches

Flat head hammer. It flattens things

Knife. Get one that suits you. There's a lot of good ones out there

Awl chisel. Hand made in Korea (South I think)

Wooden roller. Originally made for tailors. Flattens the seams

Edge slicker. Makes your edges look polished and glossy

Adjustable creaser. Works better when hot

Bone folder. Stretches the pockets of finished wallet

Beeswax. Organic double filtered.

Steel round punches. You'll need all sizes