The Countess of Lyndon

The Countess of Lyndon is an elegant leather wallet or clutch.

--------- FEATURES ---------

Six card slots that each holds 2-3 cards

A small card slot that holds 2 cards for quick access

Three large compartments suitable for a cellphone, cash, chèques, plane tickets, etc.

--------- PERSONALIZED  ---------

Get your name or initials stamped neatly on your wallet. Nothing beats a gift with your name on it.

--------- CRAFTING ---------

The Wickett & Craig "English" Bridle Leather is among the highest end equestrian leathers in the world. Our wallets are traditionally hand-stitched and a sole combination of leather, thread and beeswax. No chemicals (glues, adhesives, dyes, paints) have been used in the crafting process.

--------- LUXURIOUS ---------

Our stuff is absolutely not comparable to mass produced - disposable - wallets found in retail stores at the strip mall. We offer functionality and beauty engineered together with materials of the finest quality. This is our tribute to animals, craftsmanship & yourself.