Tamilakam Blacksmith

TAMILAKAM BLACKSMITH is a minimalist leather card wallet

  • Two identical compartments holding 2-3 cards each
  • Hidden fold in the centre that accommodates folded bills or extra cards
  • You can tap with the wallet and pay


  • Choose the leather color
  • Choose the thread color


The Wickett & Craig "English" Bridle Leather is among the highest end equestrian leathers in the world. The wallets are traditionally hand-stitched and a sole combination of leather, thread and beeswax.

  • No chemicals, glues or adhesives
  • No machines
  • No mass-production

This wallet will be hand stitched in a traditional technique called "saddle stitching". It transforms what would be a simple wallet into a traditional piece of indestructible art.


Free to Canada/USA
25$ flat rate worldwide